Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Ice Cream Chronicles - Cite aux Glaces

Yesterday, the wee man and I started our ice cream chronicles. We went to Cite aux Glaces at the Atwater Market next to the Lachine Canal.

Apparently, there is the same ice cream shop at the Jean Talon Market that has lots more flavors than the one at Atwater Market. We only had the following flavors to choose from:

 - Dulce de Leche
- Chocolat Noir
- Creme Brule a l'erable
- Vanille
- Pistache

There were quite a number of sorbets, but we wanted ice cream. I took the creme brule a l'erable and the wee man had dulce de leche. And the verdict is - both disappointed. I had heard such good things about both of these flavors, but neither one of us finished our cones. We found the dulce de leche to be wayyyyy too sweet. The wee man said he felt that after a few licks he was eating cookie dough (and not in a good way). I found the creme brule to have a bitter after taste even though the initial taste was sweet.

I'm just not sure that we picked the right flavors to say outright that we give it two thumbs down. So, we will go back this weekend and try again. This time I will choose either the vanille or the pistache. The wee man wants to try the mango sorbet. I wasn't going to include sorbets in our taste test, but why not? Bilbouquet in Westmount has a killer mango sorbet so we have something to compare it against.

To make up for the disappointing ice cream tasting, we went boating on the Lachine Canal. That was probably the best part of it.

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