Friday, July 13, 2012

Ice Cream

My whole family loves ice cream. I adore ice cream, and being lactose intolerant doesn't stop me. I am willing to put up with a little discomfort for that dish of creamy goodness.

When we travel, one of the first places we seek out is the ice cream parlor, especially in Maine and Massachusetts where they have the most amazing flavors. Who can resist a flavor called Moose Paws? I especially love blueberry ice cream from Maine. And grapenut, which is not so easy to find anymore.

Last summer when we went to Florida we found a couple of really good ice cream shops and visited on several occasions. But since we spend the majority of our summer in Montreal, I thought it might be a good idea to expand our repertoire away from our local neighborhood ice cream shops, especially since there are some really interesting places opening up with intriguing flavors.

I suggested to the men that we try a different place in a different neighborhood every week. So this is the list, more of less, of the ice cream parlors that we will try this summer. The only rule being that we each have to try a different flavor.

1. Creme Glacee Bo Bec
2. Havre-aux-Glaces
3. Kem CoBa
4. Leo le Glacier
5. Les Givres
6. Cremerie Meu Meu
7. Point G
8 Ripples

And just because they are in our neighborhood we will also re-visit the following:

9. Ben and Jerry's
10. Bilbouquet

Bon Appetit!

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