Monday, July 9, 2012

Painting the deck

I decided that I was going to redo our deck this summer. It's a fair size deck that has a painted brick wall (white) and a blue railing. We have a round dining table with a taupe umbrella where we eat on occasion. We used to eat outside more, but I am finding that we now don't eat out so often. It also overlooks our garden that I have worked very hard on this summer. While the colors of the deck are ok, we've never been that keen on it but just didn't know what to do with it.

Then I had the inspiration the deck needed to become a different type of outdoor room. We love to sit outside, so I  thought that it might be good as an outdoor living room. I decided to strip the paint off the brick wall and leave it exposed and paint the deck black and put wicker sofas with lots of greenery. And even put up a gauzy curtain for privacy.

Then I tried stripping the paint off the bricks. The paint comes off fine. The primer, not so much. I am really disappointed as I was hoping that this would work out and I would have an exposed brick wall. I'm not afraid of a little elbow grease, but I just don't think that the primer will come out of the brick. Now I"m not sure what to do. I discussed it with the husband and we will strip the rest of the paint and then prime and possible paint a glossy black. But a black deck and a black wall. I'm not so sure. Especially in winter, it might look very harsh.

I have to decide over the next week or so. Any suggestions are welcome.


  1. How about a white wash for the brick wall? Like this:
    I love sitting out on your deck. It's a lovely calm space with the view over your garden. Good luck!

  2. The whitewashed wall looks amazing. I just might try it.